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Friday, December 31, 2004


picked up Fable. Few hours through it. Great game but i understand what all the disappointment is about. Don't know what molykneux was doing all that time. The game has a number of interesting concepts but even after half a decade of development it still feels like its sloppily put together. The voice-acting is terrible, the quests and the story are kind of lame. For an RPG it's a bit stingy on the customization side - the novely of augmenting your character with spells and tatoos wears off after the first couple of hours, and the only thing that keeps the game interesting are the abundant side quests. There are two types of games, some that strive to be works of art (e.g. the metal gear series, lucasarts classics such as monkey island and grim fandango). These games have an exquisite presentation and a well put-together sotyline and are somewhat ambitious as well. Others, the whole genre of first-person shooters for example, concentrate solely on gameplay and the end result is a game u can play as fervently and regularly as a sport. Fable seems to have aimed for excellence in neither of these categories, and the end result is a sub-par game, good for a few hours but nothing to phone home about. Posted by Hello
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