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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A comment made by a university professor of mine struck me as exemplar of the intellectual bankruptcy of the entire Muslim world (or rather Pakistan in particular. I am however confident that other nations fare no better). Rather out of context, he charges hindus with the same crime i am accusing Muslims in general of, citing their worship of idols as his reason. The moron ought to know that the idols are merely symbolic and as a religious practice, nearly tantamount to the Muslim custom of using prayer mats during Namaz. Don't believe me? Let's see what wikipedia has to say:

"They are symbols of the greater principle, representing and are never presumed to be the concept or entity itself. Thus, Hindu image worship is a form of iconolatry, in which the symbols are venerated as putative sigils of divinity, as opposed to idolatry, a charge often levied (erroneously) at Hindus."

This is quite pathetic in my opinion. University professor or not, a man who is approaching his 50s ought to have done a fair bit of research on religion. How else can he justify what he professes to be? Sadly, quite irrespective of his educational background and his age, the Daily Dawn, Geo TV, and after-dinner discussion constitute the well-spring of the average Pakistani's knowledge.

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