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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Yesterday was the crappiest New Year's eve ever. Its not much fun celebrating unless you have a date. Its even less fun when all your friends bail out on you. To make matters even worse the police shut down practically the whole of Karachi. Private parties are all the rage nowadays - a testament to the ostentatious mentality of the Pakistani people. Everyone likes to be confined to their own little circle. Tolerance for diversity is practically non-existent. Funny thing is that at the core Pakistanis are all alike in the following respects:-

(1) no one has even heard of Hume, Kant or Niezstche, regardless of his background so no matter what they profess to be they are irrational and blindly devout to their religion. To not know of the fundamentals of philosphy is not to have pondered on the basic facts of life, and despite my existentialist leanings such a person in my opinion is in fact the worse kind of person. When in a city of over 14 million people, you have only one library (and a lousy one to boot), there's obviously something wrong
(2) They have a limited range of activities and an overblown tendency to gossip and stalk people on MSN Messenger
(3) They procrastinate endlessly and despise hard work
(4) They are always critical of others regardless of themselves
(5) They like cricket and/or soccer
(6) They all have orkut accounts
(7) They are materialistic, preferring to judge others by the jobs they hold rather than anything else
(8) They have low self-esteem, and consequently are excessively conscious of their looks. Foreigners will be surprised to learn that the metrosexual has in fact existed for decades over here.

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